“My job is not to be easy on people. My job is to make them better.” - Steve Jobs

Alumni Network

XLP has trained and mentored some of the world's foremost analysts, quantitative thinkers, programmers, and investors. Our alumni have pursued widely divergent careers at some of the leading institutions across the world, including:

  • US Gov't
  • Department of Defense
  • Princeton, Stanford, Columbia
  • Venture and Private Equity Funds
  • $5B+ Tech Startups
  • $10B+ Hedge Funds

Internship Program

XLP's founding partners believe in the analytical strength and talent of analysts who are unbiased by the status quo incurred by years of adherance to institutional training. We believe that the competitive business toolkit of the future relies on advanced skills training, including:

  • Financial analysis
  • Data acquisition
  • Classification
  • Machine learning
  • Time series analysis
  • Technology landscaping

Community Impact

In the past 8 years, XLP has sponsored research and collaborated with leading institutions driving academic and social impact. Our investments encourage advancement in intellectual pursuits, primary research, and the advancement of human knowledge at the following institutions:

  • Santa Fe Institute
  • TED and TEDx
  • Henderson Institute
  • United Nations
  • Brain Trauma Foundation
  • Health Choice
  • Oak Ridge Nat'l Laboratory
  • MIT Broad Institute
  • Highlands Forum
  • California Institute of Technology
  • Initiative for a Competitive Inner City

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