Thursday October 13, 2016

BOSTON, MASS – XLP capital announced today an investment in Haystack Technologies – a San Mateo, California-based private company developing technology for the Internet-of-Things industry. Founded in 2010, Haystack Technologies joins XLP Capital’s growing list of investments with an impressive intellectual property portfolio and decades of technology development experience. The deal values Haystack Technologies at 10 million USD. This investment is a continuation of XLP Capital’s efforts to merge the gap between industry advisory, technology development and investments. The firm’s more involved, hands on approach has already generated tremendous interest. XLP Capital announced the acquisition of Lambda Prime Investment Fund, a Boston MA-based technology startup incubator, in August 2015 to serve as the technology development and innovation arm. Haystack Technologies will be housed at Lambda Prime.

About Haystack Technologies
Haystack Technologies is a privately held company with over 30 granted and pending patents developed to bridge the gap between cloud-based, distributed databases and low-power, wireless sensors for Internet of Things applications. To achieve this, Haystack has developed unique technologies for maximizing two-way query throughput between a base station and an ultra low-power sensor endpoint.
Haystack’s DASH7 wireless stack is now used by dozens of companies and hundreds of developers worldwide, because it is the most energy-efficient wireless technology with two-way data transport, high security, and location features. We believe there is an opportunity for Haystack to disrupt the big-data industry by enabling the cloud database user to interact with the sensor endpoint, directly, in real-time.

About XLP Capital
XLP Capital is a technology development, venture investment, and strategy advisory firm. Headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in New York, NY, and the Berkshires, XLP takes an engineering-based, hands-on approach to strategic technology investment and advisory work. It applies sophisticated management science to a hands-on, deal-driven approach to technology investment. Whether via the application of high-throughput computational science techniques, rapid prototyping or advanced technology landscaping and analytics, XLP focuses on creating value and wealth through its technology investments. These investments take multiple forms, including venture investing, shareholder activism and corporate innovation programs. For more information, please visit www.xlpcapital.com or contact us at info@xlpcapital.com.

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