Tuesday January 12, 2016

BOSTON, MA – XLP Capital announced today the acquisition of Siftpage, Inc.– a Boston-based data mining and analysis startup. Founded in 2013 by Harvard and MIT alumni, Siftpage, Inc. pioneered the development of powerful algorithms for deep web analytics, word extraction, and semantic data mining. This acquisition will grant XLP Capital access to proprietary deep web analytics and mining applications focused on technology asset valuation and due diligence.

Founded in 2015, XLP Capital aims to revolutionize consulting and investment industries with its hands on, client-focused and product-centric approach. Matthew Stack, Managing Director and co-founder of XLP Capital, has served on Siftpage’s Board of Advisors since its inception.: “In the past two years, it has been my pleasure to serve on the board of this big data company. Today, we recognize the value of Siftpage’s data harvesting and deep web analytics as applied to XLP’s core clients, and to the financial services and hedge fund industry broadly.” The acquisition of Siftpage will merge its existing proprietary technology, hardware, and software platforms with XLP Capital’s team of finance, technology and intellectual property professionals. This will enhance XLP’s analytic capabilities and allow for much more efficient data aggregation, analysis, and utilization in XLP’s advisory and investment lines of business.

In light of increasing investment and M&A activity in the fintech big data analytics market, one emerging trend has been the acquisition of proprietary technologies by hedge funds and institutional fund managers. an evolution away from the “acquihire” buyouts of the large Silicon Valley software startups. XLP’s acquisition of Siftpage, Inc. is a testament to XLP’s goal to establish partnerships, and provide mentorship alongside operational and logistical support to startups developing analytics technologies of the future. In a related move, XLP acquired Lambda Prime, a Boston-based technology investment fund and incubator, in August 2015. “We at XLP look forward to continuing discussions with other promising data mining companies who are in the process of creating groundbreaking technologies and are looking for partners, collaborators, and mentors” – said Mr. Stack.

About Siftpage
Siftpage, Inc, founded by two MIT and Harvard CS and Physics grads in 2013, specializes in structured data extraction and statistical analysis tasks involving unstructured text documents and natural language processing techniques. Using cutting-edge machine learning technologies, Siftpage has built data exploration and analysis tools for SEC filings, legal contracts, web data, and other unstructured corpora, and has worked with clients ranging from hedge funds to large consumer products multinationals to security technology startups.

About XLP Capital
XLP Capital is a technology development, venture investment, and strategy advisory firm. Headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in New York, NY, and Arlington, VA, XLP takes an engineering-based, hands-on approach to strategic technology investment and advisory work. It applies sophisticated management science to a hands-on, deal-driven approach to technology investment. Whether via the application of high-throughput computational science techniques, rapid prototyping or advanced technology landscaping and analytics, XLP focuses on creating value and wealth through its technology investments. These investments take multiple forms, including venture investing, shareholder activism and corporate innovation programs. For more information, please visit www.xlpcapital.com or contact us at info@xlpcapital.com.

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