“Ideas shape the course of history.” - John Maynard Keynes

XLP traces its origins to the early days of The Boston Consulting Group (BCG), where Executive Director and co-founder, Mark Blaxill, worked and apprenticed directly under BCG’s founder, Bruce Henderson. As one of the early employees of the Boston Consulting Group, Mark joined the firm in 1980 and was influenced by the central strategic thinkers that came to shape the modern world of management strategy. Henderson’s mentorship and leadership had a profound impact on Blaxill, shaping his thinking and investment philosophies; bold, objective, analytical, and in continuous pursuit of sustainable advantage.

Blaxill extended Henderson’s early theories of competitive advantage, and led research at the Boston Consulting Group’s Strategy practice for nearly a decade, starting in 1999 and leading the strategy discipline past the breathless inanities of the dot.com era. In this time, Blaxill’s philosophy of competitive advantage came to reflect a modern evolution of Henderson’s scale-driven economies to information, network and intellectual property-based advantages. He published articles and a book on the ideas, but more importantly pushed teams to apply these new strategy ideas within corporate environments. These theories were in full development when Blaxill began working with Matt Stack, at the time an associate within the strategy and IT practices at BCG.

For the next decade, Matt worked and apprenticed closely with Blaxill and other leading strategists, honing and refining the philosophies of competitive advantage into unique financial investment theories and methods. Matt successfully applied Bruce Henderson and Mark Blaxill’s strategies to venture capital and technology licensing, demonstrating that data and tools could augment deal sourcing, accelerate transaction closing, and – most importantly – generate wealth.

Both Matt and Mark left BCG to build multiple investment businesses in venture and tech licensing, and by 2014, Stack and Blaxill had collectively completed over $200M in deals and transactions. Together, they developed a unique mix of business disciplines – incubation, investment, and advisory – that continues to define XLP today.

XLP was born from an engineering-based, hands-on philosophy that embraces quantitative approaches to creating wealth through technology investments. Using data and machine learning methods, analytics, and tools, XLP’s investment strategies have been applied and implemented in venture capital, corporate mergers and acquisitions, corporate innovation and R&D, institutional asset management, equity, credit, sovereign wealth management, investor activism, international finance, currency markets, and insurance.

With origins in Henderson scale-based advantage, Blaxill information-based advantage, and Stack analytic-based advantage, XLP Capital is the culmination of over 50 years of deep research into strategy, technology, and investment.

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