“Buy not on optimism, but on arithmetic” - Benjamin Graham

Equity Fund I: Contrarian Strategy

XLP established a vehicle to capitalize on the extensive experience in technology development, management strategy, and intellectual property transactions accumulated across over 50 years of combined experience. Equity Fund I is based on the belief that intellectual property is a fundamental value indicator of technology companies, and a more accurate predictor of the cyclical booms and busts of the tech industry as a whole. Knowing implicit patterns of collaboration, non-obvious sources of competition, and sources of profit in complex technology markets evades many analysts who rely only on financial statement reviews to make investment decisions.

Equity Fund II: Contra Sentiment

The pace of change has accelerated many aspects of the equity markets, including how quickly negative sentiment disseminates and dissipates through the markets. XLP developed and licensed proprietary analytics to quantify and initiate trading these signals across terabytes of data. The investment vehicle includes risk management analytics and employs sophisticated algorithms to determine the impact that news sentiment will have on public stocks, and bond prices. Relying on decades of combined data harvested from the public internet, dark web, and through various deep research channels, XLP's algorithms provide unmatched performance.

Equity Fund III: Quant Volatility

Quantitative strategies for profiting off volatility trades have existed for decades. Most strategies are developed and established against the common wisdom of established paradigms of volatility or option value. Whether binomial options, Black-Scholes, or GARCH, the passage of time has shown faults and failures of each prevalent method of pricing. XLP's entry point into quantitative volatility is a contrarian strategy, modeled against proprietary internal pricing and option valuation methods. Investors in this fund include institutions and family offices

Lambda Prime: Venture I

Lambda Prime is a privately held technology development incubation fund with facilities in New York and Boston. Our philosophy centers on applying novel and cutting edge mathematical approaches and algorithms across industries, for our portfolio companies and corporate clients alike. Lambda Prime invests resources and capital, but more importantly provides access to a platform of computational and proprietary data sets only available to in-house portfolio companies. In an age of virtualization and cloud computing, we believe that successful technological differentiation comes from access to unparalleled performance compute resources not readily available to the average startup.

Lambda Prime: Data Ventures II

Data is the fastest appreciating asset known to man, and few valuation methods have been developed by modern economists to price this asset. XLP chooses not to wait for academic economists to catch up; we have launched a closely held investment fund dedicated to collecting and vaulting some of the most valuable, and longest time series data. This data will prove invaluable for future investors, institutional asset managers, and strategic corporate investors. Current investors in the fund include closely affiliated family offices.

Elliptic Curve Ventures: Venture Fund

Elliptic Curve Ventures is a seed and early stage investor in blockchain, programmatic transaction, smart contract, and disruptive fintech technologies. The mandate of Elliptic Curve Ventures is to seed proof of concept pilots designed to disintermediate existing financial institutions by decentralizing their core functions. By doing this, we hope to facilitate and enable a new generation of lower cost, more secure, and more robust financial systems. Elliptic Curve Ventures allocated LP capital during 2018, 2019, and 2020 but is no longer making new investments after 2021.  

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